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Many companies say they deal in custom parts, but in reality very few truly do. All to often they are removed from the actual design and development of a product and only supply you with what have on the shelf. Also, much of the product being offered is mass produced with limit or no quality control resulting in sub-par product with a cheap look and feel. Here at Top Down Products we are the ones responsible for the design, development and final quality control of every product that ships out our doors.

We have in-house capabilities to deal in custom, unique, one-of-a-kind type projects as well. Not only do we provide finished commercially available products, such as the Roto-Plate, but we can also help with that special design project that you may have in mind. Our years of experience in product design and fabrication has provided us with the know-how to make virtually any idea a reality. Over the year we have built up what we like to call “lessons learned” experience. These lessons have taught us best methods and practices and most importantly, what not to do. We help you avoid the common mistakes and navigate the challenges of designing and fabricating custom components. We utilize the latest in technologies with 3D Solid Modeling, Virtual Assembly and Testing and Rapid Prototyping to eliminate costly mistakes before a single parts is made whereby shortening design time, reducing costly redesigns and dramatically decreasing the total design cycle. Whether you are looking for a single part or a complex mechanical assembly, we can provide the expertise to make your concepts a reality and do so in a timely cost effective manner.

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What’s the Meaning behind the name "Top Down"?

Although you may be thinking it is about going topless, it actually has a little more meaning then that. "Top-Down" describes a process  of designing a product from the top (a vision of the final product) then working through the details to get to that final vision. Designs that follow this process are more likely keep the original vision intact with less compromises.

An alternate method of design is "Bottom-Up". And no, it’s not what you may be thinking..., it is where many smaller ideas are pieced together to form the final product. Unfortunately with the "Bottom-Up" process, a design  may or may not capture the final product vision. Although many take the "Bottom-Up" approach because of it's perceived simplicity, this process often takes longer, is more costly and, in many cases, does not meet the "final vision".

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