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Axle Covers

Cover up those unsightly axle ends. From basic Caps to wicked Spikes. Chrome, Powder Coat and Contrast Cut with kits to fit all Harley-Davidson including Breakout Rocker and 2018-Present hollow front axle configuration.

Get a matching set for Front and Rear!


Unique design allows the rider to stretch out and relax without Highway Pegs!

The Heelboard is an aftermarket Floorboard for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. The Heelboard is designed with an integrated heel-rest and the appearance of the Floorboards can be customized.

Available in three different models

Basic: No Upper Cutout and No Lower Graphics

Stock-Custom: You get to Mix-Match the Upper Cutouts and Lower Graphics from our stock designs.

Full-Custom: You tell us what you want! We will help and guide you along the way with choosing a design that best suits your plans or vision for your personalized product.

Shredder Axle Spinners

Don’t be mistaken, these axle spinners are unlike any other spinner you may find on the market today. This robust design is made from CNC machined and laser cut Billet Aluminum. Each one is hand-assembled with precision SST ball bearing then set at an ideal bearing pre-load to ensure the best performance.

Put a set of these spinners on your ride and you are sure to get noticed going down the road, sitting in the parking lot, or to help you take the big trophies at the next bike show!

Each spinner is designed and built to spin at low or high speeds as a result of our low friction design and spinner blade shape.

All spinners come with a high-quality chrome or powder-coated finish.


The “All-in-One” Mount that’s horizontal, vertical, and everywhere in-between. Don’t sacrifice a “Custom” look just to avoid hassles associated with fixed mounts. Roto-Plate allows you to “Play by the Rules” If and when you want to… or need to!


Lighting: No Lighting, optional Add-On Frame with Brake, Running and License Plate LED.
Adjustable: Quick rotation with a simple twist by hand
Orientations: Every 45 degrees over full 360 degrees.
Wire Routing: Hollow pivot shaft prevents wire damage.
Legal: Stay compliant with State Law and Inspection.
Material: Billet Aluminum CNC machined to a high quality.
Finish: Chrome, Gloss, or Satin Black Powder Coat.
Mounting: Universal model has oversized 1/2″ bore for mounting to Lower Shock Mount, or other threaded connection.
Optional Mounting Kit: See motorcycle-specific options
Size: For Standard 4 x 7 License Plate


COVER YOUR UGLY NUTZ! For All Harley’s including Hollow Axles on 2018-Present Bike and all BREAKOUT’s and ROCKER’s.

You have come to the right place. We have Axle Cover and Install Kits design exclusively for your bike! Look no more. Choose from our selection of Axle Covers or our dynamic, head-turning Axle Spinners!

Kits are so simple it takes minutes to install and just as simple to remove. No removing, modification to your axle, or bike. Also, check out our install videos below to see how the kits work!

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To design and sell premium aftermarket motorcycle products that are distinctively unique, of the highest quality and that will exceed expectations at a reasonable price.

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We are uniquely positioned as the originator of all aspects of the products we offer. We are the creator of the design, fabricator, and distributor of our own products. We are the single source of all products purchased from Top Down Products. Our products are a result of years in the motorcycle industry, both as a design and manufacturing company as well as countless years as a motorcycle enthusiast and avid motorcycle rider. All our products are “Born and Made” in the USA

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