Rear Passenger Floorboard


Ride in COMFORT, Ride in STYLE

Three Options:

  • Basic: No Upper Cutout and No Lower Graphics
  • Stock-Custom:  You select any combination of our “STOCK Upper Cutouts” and “STOCK Lower Graphics”
  • Full-Custom: You Tell Us what you want, “Customer Specified Upper Cutout” and “Customer Specified Lower Graphic”
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The Rear Passenger Floorboard is a perfect companion to the Heelboard, offering the same awesome look, comfort and the ability to customize to suit your style and your bike.

  • Sold as pair (Left/Right), direct bolt-on installation provides easy mounting to Harley-Davidson motorcycles currently with factory floorboards.
    • Certain model Harley-Davidson Motorcycles are equipped with rear foot pegs and do not have floorboard support. It will be necessary to purchase a mount at a Harley-Davidson Dealership or online at, PN: 53070-00A or 50501113 (Chrome) or 50500042 or 50501114 (Black)
  • Design offers a related theme to the Heelboard and rubber dampeners located between Floorboard body and decking isolates vibration from rider.
  • Durable aluminum construction throughout.
    • Upper Deck (Laser Cut Aluminum): Coated with a durable Anti-Slip industrial coating resulting in a texture finish
    • Lower Deck (Laser Cut Aluminum): Chose between no graphics, one of our stock colors, or your personal choice of colors (Full-Custom Option ONLY)
      • A wide range of colors are available in a premium vinyl wrap. The advanced technology used in many industries is extremely durable and scratch resistant.
    • Heelboard Main Base (Billet Aluminum): CNC machined from billet aluminum with an ultra-high finish with a Chrome or Gloss Black finish. Both Upper and Lower Deck plates are fastened securely to the Main Base through rubber mounting pads.

Three Design Options to choose from...


Basic model has all the features, style and utility, but without the graphic Lower Deck and cutout Upper Deck.  The Upper Deck features the same durable Anti-Slip industrial coating. Since the model is built on the same design as all Floorboards, there is always the option to swap out the Lower and Upper Deck plates at a later time if you choose to add that custom look to your Basic Floorboards

Upper Deck (Aluminum): No graphics cutout

Lower Deck (Aluminum): No graphic

Floorboard Main Base (Billet Aluminum): Chrome or Gloss Black


Semi-Custom model has all the features, style and utility with the option to select from any combination of our stock Upper Deck Cutouts and Lower Deck Graphics

Upper Deck (Aluminum): Select from STOCK Laser Cutout

Lower Deck (Aluminum): Select from STOCK Graphics

Heelboard Main Base (Billet Aluminum): Chrome or Gloss Black


We will help and guide you along the way with choosing a design which best suits your plans or vision for your personalized product. Once ordered, we will contact you to start exchanging files, screenshots, sketches, whatever you have to show what you want to accomplish.

Upper Deck (Aluminum): Customer Specified. The custom graphics for the Upper Deck is a laser cutout. When considering a cutout design, there are some things to bear in mind. Due to the cutting process, there are some limitations to the size and complexity of the graphic. Also, the design cannot result in any loose cutouts (islands) that may not be attached once cutout. We can work from various graphic image files (*.DXF, *.PNG, *.JPG, etc.).

Lower Deck (Aluminum): Customer Specified. Custom graphics are applied by way of an advanced process and are created in a durable vinyl. You can choose the image you want from hundreds of colors and designs that are available. We can also provide an airbrushed image or color to match your bikes paint at an extra cost.

Floorboard Main Base (Billet Aluminum): Chrome or Gloss Black

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Basic, Stock-Custom, Full-Custom


None, Flame, Lightning Bolt, Stars, 3-Lines, Cross, Tribal, AR, Customer Specified

Lower Graphic

None, Bourbon Bonfire, Blazing Sky, Sunset Firestorm, Cardinal Burst, Smoldering Inferno, Chrome, Customer Specified

Base Finish

Chrome, Gloss Black


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